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Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are excellent promotional gadgets for every organization (not only computer companies). They are superb information carriers and their huge surface is perfect to present your company (logo, address, phone numbers, product image, offer etc.). Additionally the mouse pads are always at the customer's hand, and that is why she or he will never forget you.

Mouse pads have three layers: base layer (special PVC foam) that ensures excellent adherence to the table/desk and prevents it from moving; cardboard with company information (offset printed) and outer protective layer (corrugated PVC) that enables seamless mouse movements (in EXLUSIVE version the screen printing is made from the inside of outer layer).

Podkładka pod mysz


The edge of the mouse pad is secured with weld that protects printings against dampness. You can wash the pad when it is dirty and spilled coffee will not ruin the pad. The mouse pad is more durable thanks to this kind of protection.

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